Funded equipment, training and facilities for 22,000 children to play baseball annually

Provided 20,000 notebooks to 10 different schools in the Congo

Built orphanage in Thailand & Cambodia for children in need of refuge

Funded construction of 450 acre "Teen Leadership" training facility in Ohio

Donated over $2.5 million for cancer research

Celebrities for Charity Foundation is the premier vehicle to support the causes that matter most to you and your organization.

To put it simply, we make good happen.

How It Works

The Exponential Effect

Fundraising Platform


*/ Ray and P.K's Ultimate Winter Classic Raffle

Community Outreach

Greater Boston Police Department Visit at TD Garden Suites

Youth Program

Milan Lucic Fundraising Team

Celebrity Donations

Silent Auctions

Lucic And Ninkovich Team Up

Ninkovich Fundraiser


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